The finding of organic semiconductors in the 1950's has prompted the discovery of perylene bromide organic charge-transfer complexes, which have later developed to organic conductors and superconductors. Thanks to fruitful collaboration of chemists and physicists, these materials have opened a new research field of strongly correlated electron systems, in which such subjects as quantum spin liquid and electron glasses are actively investigated. Organic semiconductors have been attracting attention due to the electronic and photonic applications aiming at organic light emitting diodes, transistors, and photovoltaics. By celebrating the opening of Hiroo INOKUCHI Hall in Toyota Physical and Chemical Institute, this meeting surveys various aspects of present research activities related to organic semiconductors, conductors, and the electronics applications in particular emphasis on the prospects to the next generations.

Date and Place

Date: October 24 (Wed)- October 26 (Fri), 2018
Place:Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute

41-1, Yokomichi, Nagakute, Aichi 480-1192, Japan

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