This workshop will be held in Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute (Toyota Riken), which is located in an east suburb of Nagoya. The institute is about 3 km from Fujigaoka subway terminal, between which linear motor cars are operated (taking 8 min. operated every 8 min.). Fujigaoka termical is a less than 30 min. trip by taking subway Higashiyama line from Nagoya station.


From Nagoya Airport Centrair to Fujigaoka
Take bus, 55 min. 1440 JPY (every hour). (Sorry in Japanese)

From Nagoya Airport Centrair to Nagoya Station
Take Meitetsu train, taking approximately 30 min, ten trains per hour, 870 JPY (+360 JPY for premium cars, Mu sky).

From Tokyo and Osaka to Nagoya station
Take Shinkansen train.

From Nagoya station to Fujigaoka station
Take subway Higashiyama line (yellow trains), taking 30 min. Fujigaoka is the terminal station.

From Fujigaoka station to Toyota Riken
Take taxi, about 15 min. apporimately 2000 JPY.
Or, take Linimo, starting at the underground level. Every 8 min, and taking 8 min.
Toyota Riken is 10 min. walk from Nagakute Kosenjo station.

From Fujigaoka station to Hotel Sun Praza Seasons
It is 1 km from the Fujigaoka subway terminal. There is a shuttle bus service (every 20 min. and taking 5 min.) from the Fujigawka station.